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Who am i ?

jitesh therapie tarascon
My Experience 

I was drawn to this work, like many others, when I received therapy and I wanted to share this experience. I have had a range of jobs that have always focused on supporting and helping people, both with their inner and outer worlds. This included working with adults and children
in a variety of public and educational settings and services. 

I strongly believe that our stories, memories and feelings are a good starting point and provide
a deeper appreciation of the self. Therapy enables one to change focus and navigate life in
a different direction. Culture and cultural differences make this journey richer and more challenging.

We will work together to identify your key areas of concern and explore ways of achieving a better understanding of yourself and enabling change. I respect your pace and pay close attention to what you may need from our work together. I work relationally, meaning that I pay attention to how you and I are interacting together as part of the therapeutic process.

I studied at Metanoia Institute in London, where I gained a BSc degree in Reflective Therapeutic Practice (Middlesex University) and a Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, and I now work as
a counsellor in France. I have experience of working with many aspects of mental health and psychological well-being. I enjoy working with people and empathically listening and bringing understanding to their stories and history. 

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